What are Pop! Vinyls?

Pop! Vinyls are from Funko, a hip American company bringing licensed pop culture products to people across the world. These cute vinyl characters cover many different licences from The Walking dead, Breaking Bad, The Golden Girls, Mean Girls, Sailor Moon, batman, Captain America, Adventure Time, Doctor Who and plenty more. Pop Vinyls cover all the major TV show and music licences.

We have Pop! Vinyl characters as well as Pop! Vinyl sets, cars and other items. Plus we have the Rock Candy range, the Mystery Minis and the keyrings. In fact, when it comes to Funko Pop! Vinyls we are experts.

We receive new Pop! Vinyls in our stores regularly - some weekly, some fortnightly. Each one of our stores controls their products, to ensure they serve local collector needs and interests. This means the range from one store is specific to that area while for another store it is different.

On this website we bring it all together, representing the Pop! Vinyl products in each store, available for you to purchase online through us and supplied from the local store level.

We have access to the full range of Funko Pop! Vinyls. We are happy to do special orders and pre-orders of new releases. We are here to serve every Pop! Vinyl collector - we want to help you have more pops to love.

We only sell authentic Pop! Vinyl product, product sourced directly from Funko. We do not sell clones, copies or cheap knock-offs. This is important as the fake space is alive and well. Fake products do not carry value. In fact, we sadly see fake products in shops in Australia and this disrespects the Funko brand and all their good work.

This is important as too often we find people new to the Pop! Vinyl space buying products that are not authentic and this is disheartening.

Pop Vinyls In Australia is a website connecting newsXpress stores across Australia. Our shops are locally owned and operated. We compete with major retailers from around the world including the massive EB games that is part of game Stop the same people who own Zing. We are an Aussie company offering genuine Funko Pop! Vinyl products in our local shops.

newsXpress is an Aussie franchise business serving locally owned newsXpress stores.

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