How to Collect POP! Vinyls

People often ask us how to go about collecting Pop Vinyls. So, we have put together here advice for the first time Pop Vinyl collector, to help you get started, to help you avoid making mistakes, so your collector experience gets off to a good start.

Here are our Pop collector starter rules, to get you going…

Rule #1: Collect what you love.

Pop Vinyl collecting has to come from a place of passion, a place you know, love and connect with on a personal level. So, start your Pop Vinyl collection with pops you love, licences you love – Pops from TV shows, movies or bads you love. This is the very best starting place.

Rule #2: Collect what you know.

Stick for the first months or year to licences of shows, movies and bands you know. Licences you understand make for better buying decisions by you. This knowledge helps you decide with authority. This also helps you understand the value of what you are buying and this is important if you want to, at some point, sell what you have collected. So, yes, collect what you know.

Rule #3: Collect to a budget.

Collecting can get away from you when you are buying for a passion. So, establish a budget and stay within the budget. This is important if money is tight. If you don’t collect to a budget you might want to sell out quickly and that could lead to your making a bad selling decision.

Rule #4: Buy from a business you trust.

There are some bad retailers and private sellers out there. We have seen face pops sold as real pops. We have seen secondhand pops sold as new and these were secondhand pops that were not highly sought after. Deal with a reputable business. Get a receipt. Make sure the receipt is real. Take time to ensure the business or person you are buying from is authentic and will not rip you off.

Rule #5: Care for your pops.

Keep your pops clean safe and in their original packaging if you will want to at some stage in the future sell your pops. If your plan is to not sell them then do whatever you would like. But if selling them is a long term plan, they need to be kept in perfect condition.

These are just some rules for people starting out collecting Pop Vinyls. Most of what you need to do is common sense. Here at newsXpress, the operators of this PopVinylsInAustralia website, we care about customer service and ethics. We do our very best to provide you with a professional and respectful experience.